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“Obsessed With My Best Friend”is a romantic comedy novel that explores the issue of friends, lovers, lifelong regrets, and taking a chance.






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Jake works as a photographer for some of the most beautiful women in the world. His tomboy friend Stephanie has been his neighbor and best friend for the past five years. She really likes Jake although there’s just one problem…

“Attracted To My Best Friend” is a romantic comedy that explores the issue of friendship and the different “sides” of our personality we project.





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“Smitten By My Sister’s Best Friend” is a romantic comedy that travels by air and by sea, exploring the hearts of restless lovers and the solace they find in friendship.







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Cammie has watched woefully as all of her friends have been getting together, getting married, having babies and living happily ever after. But she hasn’t found the right one yet, which explains why she’s wasting time with her “Internet Phantom”, a charming and intelligent man that hides from her. She really likes him but he seems too elusive to count on—he won’t even show his picture!





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Rachel is Cammie’s friend and a bit of a “shrinking violet” – she’s shy, quirky and not the type of beauty queen that most guys go for. However, when wealthy real estate mogul Richmond meets Rachel, he’s captivated. He draws out Rachel into an intense friends-with-benefits relationship, giving the “late bloomer” all the hot and spicy fun she’s ever missed out on in her awkward adolescence.

But when things get serious, both Rachel and Richmond take a step back.

Do they want different things out of life?

Are they really in love or will their mutual fear of commitment drive them apart?

Meanwhile, the circle of friends is starting to take bets on whether Rachel and Richmond will end up falling in love or break up for good. Cammie is betting on a happy ending but buddy Jake says the odds are stacked against them.

Who knows what the future holds?

“Seduced At My Best Friend’s Wedding” is a romance-comedy about love, lust, commitments (or lack thereof) and the value of keeping an open mind.


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The Complete Series

“The greatest thing in the world is having a boyfriend or girlfriend who is also your best friend.”

Making the transition from friends to lovers has its own set of funny obstacles.Don’t miss out on this romantic comedy series which explores the joys and challenges of falling for your best friend.



This box set comprises of:

  1. Obsessed With My Best Friend
  2. Attracted To My Best Friend
  3. Smitten By My Sister’s Best Friend
  4. Tricked By My Best Friend
  5. Seduced At My Best Friend’s Wedding
  6. Box set Exclusive: Blindsided By My Best Friend
  7. Bonus: Free prequel, ‘Crazy About My Best Friend’ included with this box set.
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