At the beginning of her last semester of college, Paige Patterson is looking forward to beginning her real life and marrying her long-time fiancé, Adam. To those looking in, Paige has a perfect life. She shares an off-campus apartment with Adam and her best friend, Stacy, and they’re the envy of their entire circle of friends. Underneath, though, Paige and Adam haven’t made love in months and it’s beginning to make her feel very unattractive.
Caleb O’Connor, an explosive, raw, and incredibly famous photographic artist more than 15 years ago, accepted the job of teaching photography, feeling that his inspiration dried up years ago. He and his former supermodel wife Helena had a modern and very understanding marriage. They used to enjoy all kinds of adventurous sex games, including sharing women. However, for the last couple of years, they’ve simply tolerated each other’s affairs, provided they both remain discreet and neither falls in love with anyone else.
When Adam suggests attending a wild underground fetish party, Paige agrees, desperate to try and find the connection they once shared. After witnessing all manner of forbidden things, Paige finds herself drawn to a handsome and virile man she’s never seen before, who takes a picture of her.
Caleb is infatuated with the girl whose picture he took, and feels like his muse has returned. He’s stunned when he discovers she’s a student in his class. Paige can’t ignore how sexy and attractive Caleb makes her feel, as well, especially as she’s been missing that sensation from her fiancé.


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