Working Desires Series

Rachel is strong-willed and headstrong, Brad is calm and patient.

Brad is disorganized and clumsy, Rachel is well polished and on top of things.

As their work relationship blossoms, so does their romance for one another. The only problem is someone else has their eyes on Brad and is willing to play dirty to get him…




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Tristan Melbourne is living a pretty decent life. Even with the inherent hardships that all African Americans face, he has managed to land himself a great job as the marketing manager of RushIt!While many would think that he has everything, there is one thing that Tristan still sorely desired: a girlfriend. He’s had a crush on Isabella Perez, his Puerto Rican co-worker, ever since they began working together. He just hasn’t had the courage to ask her out, and when he did finally bring himself to work up the courage, his friend Amun comes to him and confesses his own desire to go out with Isabella.


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The Complete Series

The thing about love is that it can strike you in the strangest moments. It can happen while glimpsing a stranger as you walk by, by encountering someone with similar interests in a club. However, it can also happen in the most unlikely of places. Whether it is falling in love with a coworker you used to never be able to get along with, falling in love with a coworker who you didn’t know had feelings for you, or even hooking up with the woman of your dreams, such circumstances often strike us by surprise. Within the following pages, you will find three stories, revolving around the employees of RushIt!, an internet startup shipping company run by a wealthy young CEO. Misunderstandings and arguments will give way to reconciliation and making up, the six young employees soon to find themselves wrapped up in their own personal relationships. Follow their adventures as they find themselves inescapably captured in the clutches of love, their lives forever changed as love begins to fill their hearts. Follow the adventures of Bradley and Rachel, Tristan and Bella, and Amun and Isabella as their own stories of romance unfold.

Book 1:Tempted at the Office
Book 2: Secret Attractions at the Office
Book 3: Dirty at the Office (This book is only available in the boxset and is a boxset exclusive)


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